Friday, May 31, 2013

Too late...

Patty came over today and I was able to work on three more challenges... but of course the submission dates were already over.   Better luck next time :(

Question: how do you photograph your layouts to post online?  Everyone else always has perfect pics with nothing else around!  What am I doing wrong??

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer Break=Scrapbooking

Yeah for summer break!  I finally have time to scrapbook and am having a great time.  I am working on challenges and relaxing after a long school year.

Challenge one: Use Three Pattern papers and rub-ons to complete a layout from Scrap Our Stash  I really had to dig deep into my stash to find some rub on as I am not a fan.  I used them on photos this time; I have NEVER done this before; but like how it looks.  The pattern paper was the easy part as I LOVE pattern paper.

Pictures are from our vacation to Michigan last summer
Challenge two: Took more time as I researched song lyrics to do something different.  I also was able to use this same layout for another challenge asking us to use two different alphabets.  (I have never done this as well.  I don't mix things up well.)  This sketch is also from the IASST challenge.

Scrap It with a Song  I used lyrics from  Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra  in my title
Scrap Your Story  I used 2 different alphabets.  I stamped some words but put the most important work in red stickers.

This is it for tonight... I am looking forward to a rewarding summer and catching up with my projects.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Scrapbooking.... What is that?

Oh the last nine weeks of school takes so much of my time....

I haven't really scrapbooked for about a month.  I have completed some swaps including a big project of 2 sets of  12/12 layouts dealing with a month.  They have taken a lot of time. 

I also have been involved in a circle journal here in town taking three spots. (Long story but I am doing the work for my grandmother and mom's journal as well as my own.)

I did take a few minutes today to write scrapbook goals for the summer break (PLEASE HURRY!!)

This summer I want to:
1. Finish scrapbooking all photos from 2012 ( I am about to June)
2. Enter at least one challenge a week
3. Finish the 52 layout for the IASST challenge
4. Attend one weekend retreat
5. Update blog weekly

Hopefully that will motivate me to stay on track!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Another Sunday of Challenges

It has been a long week... work was crazy!  Friday night was the Blue and Gold Banquet; then Saturday I spend the day taking care of a sick husband.  Therefore, I rewarded myself today with challenges.

First Challenge: Hoarders  Use something in your stash that is over a year old from About A Boy.  This layout is from my first Basic Grey Class in March 2011.  So glad I was able to use it, finally.

Challenge 2: Over on Scrap Your Story Use just one photo; this is not like me.  I love lots of photos on my page.  I used the sketch from Creative Scrappers

Third Challenge: from a new blog I am following The Studio Challenges    I used paint for the first time by painting the star chipboard and using foam stamps for one of the alphabets.  The other alphabet is Basic Grey stickers.

Fourth Challenge: Using the sketch from Sketch-n-scrap I designed this page.  I also can enter this layout at Red Carpet Studio because I used my favorite embellishment of BUTTONS!

Final Challenge for today is from Colorful Creations.  I was to use black and white with a touch of green.  This was a lot harder then I thought it would be.  But it is done!

YEAH: scrapbooking helps me relax and I cannot wait to spend more time on it this week!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Layout Complete

I have been trying to complete a challenge of CSI but never had the time.  My youngest is home sick this weekend... so the time was perfect.  I am in love with site and not sure why!

The colors were the biggest challenge for me and honestly, I am not sure I completed it correctly.  It looks like I might need to use something like the photo but if I am wrong at least I tried.  Challeng e details

The sketch is from Creative Scrappers   They have a book coming out soon with a variety of sketches that I am debating on purchasing.  Their sketches work with anything.

Pictures are from this summer when Carol and I found Chester, Illinois.  The home of the creator of Popeye.  The entire town was dedicated to the comic strip.   Someday we will return; there was so much to do!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Who needs another challenge blog?

I mean honestly... who doesn't need one more great challenge blog to follow.   The ideas that come from them amazing me. 

Join me along in following the new blog Scrap Your Story.   They will start posting challenges March 1

Monday, February 18, 2013

IASST sketch challenge

If you are looking for a great group of women who love to scrapbook, PLEASE join us at IASST

We have a lot of fun and this year we have a 52 sketch challenge to complete. 

Here are some of my pages using the challenges

Sketch 28: I used swap piecs instead of circles on the sketch


Sketch 35: FIRST time ever I cut something in half and placed on both sides.  I like it :)

Sketch 38: rotated and used hearts instead of stars

Sketch 42: not my best work but I think that is because I have put off these pictures FOREVER  I used squares instead of the circles in the sketch to go with the paper

Now just 40 sketches left for the year!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Just returned from an outstanding scrapbook weekend that included my mom and GiGi!

We all had a blast and I was able to complete some challenges.  My friends could not believe I was designing some of these pages.  A huge thanks to the blogs for making me work outside of my comfort zone.

First challenge: Sketch In Thyme
This is so not me... ribbon, flowers, pearls  OH MY

Second challenge: BE BOLD

I used swap pieces from IASST.  Then my friend gave me her animals she cut using the Cricut.  I feel the bright yellow is very bold along with the different patterns in the title.

Third Challenge : Sketch-N-Scrap
I love this sketch; and I love what I did with it.  The colors are bright.  The seagull adds so much to tell the great story of the seagull crashing into the pole at the playground. Plus I used the picture I took of the sign as the title.

Fouth Challenge: another Sketchabilities

Pictures to document our boat ride to Mackinaw Island this past summer... my boys love it.  I was REALLY out of the comfort zone with the stickles. 

That is it for now :)  So glad I was able to work on some challenges and look forward to more soon

Sunday, February 10, 2013


My scrapbooking mojo has returned :)  I am making pages and feeling great.

I am pleased to share that I completed my first blog hop and thought it was cool.  I  have brainstormed several ideas so I can use the same sketch they did.  I would recommend checking it out. Blog Hop  Valentine's Day at Sketch N Scrap

Challenge completed #1
I used sketch number 12 from IASST  This will also meet the requirements for a challenge on Colorful Creation.
Challenge completed #2
This will also meet requirements for a Colorful Creation layout.  I also introduced my boys onto a new boy blog site: It's about a boy  I was so proud that I finally used this kit. It is from the Basic Grey Class I take at my local scrapbook store. 
Challenge completed #3
This page will meet a requirement on Colorful Creations.  I got the sketch from Sketch-N-Scrap after following the blog hop this morning.  I am proud of the turn out.  The pictures are from our summer trip to Mackinac Island.  This is Arch Rock.  AMAZING
Final Challenge
This was a hard one...  On June 16,2012 I finally had that moment.  You know the one when you know you are too big to enjoy life with your family.  From that day forward... I have paid attention to myself and want to be a great mom.  I now watch what I eat and attempt to exercise.  Thanks to Scrap it with a Song I found the perfect way to capture the moment.  The sketch I used is from IASST.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Scrapbook Retreat

This past weekend I attended a scrapbook retreat with my scrap buddy Carol.  I met some entertaining ladies and hope to return soon.  The most entertaining part was the scrap room catching on fire.   Well... no flames just smoke causing the fire department and the new crew to arrive.  This was a first!   Thankfully... we caught the smoke on time and no flames and damage occured.

Now... what did I get done.  I completed 30 swaps for IASST.  They look great... I did some new techniques since I had the time.  I also put together 5 page kits from Outonalimbscrapbooking.  

It was a fun time.... didn't get any challenges done but I am happy with my work.  Perhaps I can get some done this weekend at the house.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Work, work and more work

I knew this would happen... my fun of scrapbooking as been over taken by work.  I haven't attempted to do anything all week.  BUT that is changing!

I am packing up my stuff and heading to my first weekend retreat of the year.  I have high hopes for this event.  I need to finish all my swaps due in February and March.   I want to start my big 12X12 layout swap due in April.  I also have printed several blog challenges to complete.  Finally, I have page kits from outonalimb to use as well.

Let's hope when I return on Sunday I will have scrapbooking to report about :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend Projects

I am finally feeling better and stuck inside due to all the rain so what better way to waste time then to scrapbook.  My mom joined me this weekend so that is always a special time.

Saturday I complete two layouts for challenges on Colorful Creations.

Sunday I wanted to challenge myself again so I looked at the blogs I am following.  I noticed a great challenge on Cut it Up.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  For Christmas, my husband got me a year long membership to The Treasure Box.  These are detailed kits out of my comfort zone within a variety of themes.  To prove that he got them: he had also ordered three months without me knowing.  So to complete the challenge: I used my new page kit from The Treasure Box which featured a die cut (scarecrows).   I am a lucky girl!  Now let's hope I can work faster: it took over two hours :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I took another day off of work (so not like me) because I just cannot find the energy to fight this illness off.  But... I am determined to return to work tomorrow!  So what better way to practice if I can handle it then to create two layout for challenges.  

So... the first layout contains pictures from when mom and I went to Hell Michigan.  It was an interesting place and offered some different photo opportunities.  This layout is using a sketch from Creative Scrappers.  I did not include a title because I added a journal box at the bottom.  The flames are from the Going Places cricut with stickles to make them glow.
The second layout is a sketch on the IASST blog. It is the seventh one on there.  This layout uses some swap pieces I got from IASST as well.  This layout will be entered into the Say Anything Challenge at Red Carpet Studio.

Now hopefully I can beat this illness and return to work.  I am not use to having all this free time to scrap!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Pneumonia is not how I thought I would start the new year... but guess I was not thinking the same way as my body. 

I have tried for two days to complete a simple layout for a challenge at Let's Scrap and today in between napping, coughing, and drinking water: I FINALLY got it done.  Not my best work but finished. 

We were the only ones from the scout troop who showed up so it was not as much fun as we thought.  However, once the movie started (Tangled) it turned into a nice family evening. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Last day of fun

I have a feeling that today is my last day of fun for a bit... tomorrow it is back to teaching which means scrap time is limited.  I do have a weekend crop coming the end of the month so lets hope I get somethings done then.

First layout today was a simple layout from the IASST blog  It is the 6th sketch featured.  I used pattern paper for the Natural Botannical paper stack by The Paper Studio then scraps.  The photo frames are cut out using Mickey &Friends Cricut cartiage.  Buttons are from Stampin'Up.

The second layout was a sketch from  Practical Scrappers .   I used bazzill cardstock, my circle punch from Creative Memories, my new Fiskars circle border, and a piece of boy scout pattern paper.  The stickers are left overs from a Basic Gray class I take.  I added another row so I could get in all the photos I had. 

I also continue to find more blogs to follow leading to more challenges to participate in.  Today I joined Let's Scrap  As of now, I  want to participate in count your pages for the year.  (I think I can do 250!)  I also joined the scrap your stash. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day of Challenges

I just cannot seem to get enough of all the challenges I have found within the blogs I am following. Today I was lucky enough to have some time to complete some. The first one is for ScrapFit is all about stars. I used an outstanding swap from my friends at IASST and completed the layout using photos from the Flag Placement.

The second one I did was for Colorful Creations Wacky Wednesday. I was required to use a sketch and certain colors. This one is from my trip this summer.

The final challenge I was able to complete today was for Sketch~N~Scrap Layout 24. I had to do some twisting and turning but I see the sketch within my layout.

Friday, January 4, 2013

I have completed my first challenge since I have found the world of blogs. (Does that make sense?) Anyways.. the sketch is the 13th one posted with the iasst year challenge. The layout will also meet the requirements for the jan challenge on counterfeitkitchallenge. three pattern papers; mine are from the Miss Elizabeth's Christmas Shoppers. three embellishments: ribbon, brads, and candi from the rainforest collection. Finally my three word title of Christmas Morning Magic written on the tag in the upper right corner. I am PROUD of myself! Now I just have to figure out how to link my layout to their blog page. As of the next morning: I think it has been linked to thier page.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

1/52 IASST challenge

So... during the New Year's Crop Liana challenged us to complete 52 layouts based on the sketches she posted on the blog before the next New Years crop. 

I have finished the first one (this is sketch number 10).
Now next time I will work on loading the original sketch as well...  Just one step at a time!

IASST New Years Crop

I just finished an outstanding 4 day online scrapbook challenge with IASST and I just cannot stop thinking about layouts.  Therefore: I have spent the day looking at more online.  Then it hits me... why not create a blog about scrapbooking.   Really I must be nuts and not sure how in the world I am going to fit this in as well but hey.... it is worth a try. 

So... today I say I will try to update my blog on what I am doing in the scrapbooking world at least twice a month.