Sunday, April 14, 2013

Scrapbooking.... What is that?

Oh the last nine weeks of school takes so much of my time....

I haven't really scrapbooked for about a month.  I have completed some swaps including a big project of 2 sets of  12/12 layouts dealing with a month.  They have taken a lot of time. 

I also have been involved in a circle journal here in town taking three spots. (Long story but I am doing the work for my grandmother and mom's journal as well as my own.)

I did take a few minutes today to write scrapbook goals for the summer break (PLEASE HURRY!!)

This summer I want to:
1. Finish scrapbooking all photos from 2012 ( I am about to June)
2. Enter at least one challenge a week
3. Finish the 52 layout for the IASST challenge
4. Attend one weekend retreat
5. Update blog weekly

Hopefully that will motivate me to stay on track!