Sunday, February 24, 2013

Layout Complete

I have been trying to complete a challenge of CSI but never had the time.  My youngest is home sick this weekend... so the time was perfect.  I am in love with site and not sure why!

The colors were the biggest challenge for me and honestly, I am not sure I completed it correctly.  It looks like I might need to use something like the photo but if I am wrong at least I tried.  Challeng e details

The sketch is from Creative Scrappers   They have a book coming out soon with a variety of sketches that I am debating on purchasing.  Their sketches work with anything.

Pictures are from this summer when Carol and I found Chester, Illinois.  The home of the creator of Popeye.  The entire town was dedicated to the comic strip.   Someday we will return; there was so much to do!

1 comment:

  1. That little side trip looks like fun. I'd like to visit it, but my kids would just say, "Huh?"--I'd have to find some Popeye cartoons to show them beforehand! Lol!

    Love your layout, especially the banners!