Monday, January 28, 2013

Scrapbook Retreat

This past weekend I attended a scrapbook retreat with my scrap buddy Carol.  I met some entertaining ladies and hope to return soon.  The most entertaining part was the scrap room catching on fire.   Well... no flames just smoke causing the fire department and the new crew to arrive.  This was a first!   Thankfully... we caught the smoke on time and no flames and damage occured.

Now... what did I get done.  I completed 30 swaps for IASST.  They look great... I did some new techniques since I had the time.  I also put together 5 page kits from Outonalimbscrapbooking.  

It was a fun time.... didn't get any challenges done but I am happy with my work.  Perhaps I can get some done this weekend at the house.

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